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Special Teams Formations

A lot was made by various sportscasters while doing highlights of the Bears/Broncos game, about the apparent wall of 4 players the Bears dropped in front of Devin Hester during a punt.  Most of the comments and accompanying highlight were incomplete and setup as the Bears doing something strange.  

Here is an explanation of the plan from Special Teams Coach Dave Toub:

"The idea was that we put 10 guys in the box and make them go to a tight formation, and once they go to a tight formation, we drop four guys to try to set up a return. Once they go to a tight punt, they can't go back out to a spread punt, and then we have a dangerous weapon back there with a wall in front of him. It's kind of like a kickoff return on a punt return."

Had the Broncos tried to reset it would have resulted in a false start penalty.  What the highlights didn't show, was this caused a lot of confusion on the part of the Broncos and they were forced to take their last time out.  The Bears used the strategy again after the time out, but Hester muffed the punt and had to fall on it.  The beauty of something like this is, you cannot defend against it.  Pick your poison, protect against the blocked punt or go after Hester.  

The last thing opposing teams need is for our coach to start getting creative about how to cause mismatches and giving Hester even more protection.