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Tuesday Links

In case you haven't been following the story, Washington Redskins safety, Sean Taylor has died after being shot during what appeared to be robbery of his residence.  I am sure Hog Haven will keep you up to date with the latest.

One man's live blog of the game.

Adam Archuleta, your plane is boarding.

The Bears were down by two touchdowns, less than 10 minutes to go in their playoff hopes, and Grossman fumbled. This should've been the end of Grossman's Bears career. His rating at this point in the game is 35.4. But the defense and special teams that saved Grossman so many times last year did it again Sunday. The defense shut down Denver, which couldn't line up for a punt, and so, when the Broncos punted again, Tillman blocked it, leading to Peterson's gutsy TD run.

On that TD run, Peterson started a rugby scrum at the Broncos' 4, then just kept his legs moving. And moving. And moving. Moving right into the end zone. Raise your hand if you think Benson would've kept his feet moving like that to keep alive that kind of play.

Looking more at the Benson injury.

Smith didn't rule out looking outside the organization for help, and the Bears could use an extra running back regardless. Some of the available names include Kevan Barlow, Tony Hollings, Josh Allen, Samkon Gado and Shaud Williams.

But the chances of the Bears bringing in an impact running back, or even a useful one, with five games left are slim, considering that player would not have much time to learn their system.

Briggs still wants to be a Bear.

"What's fair is what's fair," Briggs said. "I have never said that I am asking for anything more or anything less. But what's fair is fair. If that's the case, I will retire a Bear. A happy Bear. I will be a happy Bear that day.

I for one say give him his money.  We aren't giving big contracts to either Grossman or Berrian, so we have some extra cash around.  Sign Harris and Briggs to big contracts and be done with it.