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Bears Willing To Accomadate the Redskins

On December 6th the Chicago will play the Redskins at the Skins stadium.  This game is a Thursday night game.  With the recent death of safety Sean Taylor there is some question of whether the team could be ready for the game.

The Redskins will host the Buffalo Bills on Sunday and then plan to fly the entire organization to Miami early Monday for Taylor's funeral. That will leave the Redskins limited practice time before hosting the Bears next Thursday.

Coach Smith stated that if the Redskins petitioned the league to allow the game to be moved, the Bears would be willing to play them on December 8th, 9th or 10th.  The Bears with the Thursday game and their next game being the Monday-nighter against the Vikings already have more then enough time to get proper preparation in.

Typically, the league is very strict in the way the run the show.  Anything that messes with the system is seen as bad.  This move also would bring issues with the station that would be carrying the game as well as fans who already have tickets and may already have accommodations in place.