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Thrusday Links

Giants working hard to prep on how to handle Devin Hester.

"I asked (trainer) Ronnie Barnes for Ambien to get some sleep this week," Tynes said. "It's scary. The guy is phenomenal. What they do as a unit, you know, a lot of it has to do with the whole special teams, they are really good."

In the DUH! story of they day, Hester wins this weeks Special Teams Player of the week.

It is either strange, ironic or cosmically destructive that writers are coming to Rex Grossman for kind words and advice for Eli Manning.

Perhaps the one player in the NFL who can relate most to Eli Manning's constant scrutiny will be the quarterback of the Giants' next opponent.

"I've been there," the Bears' Rex Grossman said. "I feel for him."

Peterson on finally getting his shot.

Nothing Adrian Peterson experiences Sunday against the Giants replacing the injured Cedric Benson figures to make the veteran flinch.

How long has he waited for this opportunity?

"Six years, honestly," Peterson answered. "So I'm not trying to do anything special. Play the same role, just at the start of the game. I have a job to do."