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Bye Week Game Thread

It is normally at this point, when a team is one bye week, that other bloggers here as SB Nation trot out pictures of their teams cheerleaders.  It is a practice I wholeheartedly encourage.  Of course the Bears do not have any, so I get left out of the practice. I actually started to dig up old pics to see what I had, but the options were limited.  I did however come across this picture, which will have to work in this case.

I assume everybody will be tuning in for the Patriots and Colts game later today, but other games of interest are:

In the division Detroit hosts Denver, Minnesota gets San Diego at their house.  While Green Bay is at KC.  This could be a great week for the Bears.  All of these games could be loses for out NFC North brothers.

Outside of our division we have these games which could be interesting to watch:

Carolina at Tennessee
Jacksonville at New Orleans
Seattle at Cleveland