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Time for Mid Season Report Cards!

Hello my Friends,

It's been a long season thus far my fair Bears fans. When I called my father yesterday he swore up and down that the Bears season is over and that Bilecheck and the Pat's are heartless cheaters who deserve to lose every game this season as well. I disagree in two ways. Firstly, we all know that the season is over because of the Patriots recent dominance. The WWL has spoken so it must be true. However, I disagree because there is a certain team, from a certain town that starts with a C, ends with an O, and has a "hicag" in the middle... who am I kidding I can't do this.  *Takes off Superfan Hat*  I love the Superfans, and I know I have a slight Chicago accent, but someone please shoot me in the face if I ever sound  this obnoxious.

Before this week I would have thought us to be blessed if we finished out 7-1 or 6-2 and nabbed a 9-7 record.  However, after watching Adrian Peterson run roughshod over ANOTHER good defensive team, in the dome, on the "carpet" I must redact my previous prediction.  Now I will now feel lucky if we escape with an 8-8 record and if Peterson doesn't injure any of our secondary players permanently (except Archuleta, lets let Peterson run him over all day). In any case, I am doing a new series over the next few days highlighting most of the Bear players.  I really want to get a chance to break down the positions and talk about the two sides of the ball later in the week as we anticipate the second half of the season and do more a second half preview. The Grades will be slightly in depth, and I encourage you all to put your own Grades for the same players in the comments.  Alternatively, you can just tear my grading apart.  For now we are going to start with the Wide Receivers. Catch the grades after the jump.

Bernard Berrian Grade: F
Berrian is failing horribly this year.  He hasn't been anywhere near the number one target we thought he was going to be.  He has a decent amount of yards at 518 but only one touchdown that he was given because his defender fell down.  He has not been the number one option he was supposed to be.  Furthermore, he has had a gazillion drops this season.  He was supposed to be the guy who connected with Grossman, and apparently he ran Sexy Rexy out of the lineup.  He is touted as a "deep threat," but hasn't produced all year.  He may be getting more defensive attention, or he may not be good.  In any case he is poising the Bears front office to make Drew Rosenhaus look stupid yet again.  He needs to change something, and pick up his game quick.

Muhsin Muhammad Grade: C+
Moose (its ok they are yelling mooooose, not booooo) started horrible with Grossman at the helm and immediately did a 180 when Griese took over.  He has caught some clutch passes that have either kept us in or iced a game.  However, for all the good he has done he still has been dropping balls, too many for my comfort.  In addition, he wasn't too good at running routes at the beginning of the year.  It appeared as if he fell asleep on plays and wasn't trying as hard.  In any case he has been producing and his production has him breaking just above average.

Rashied Davis  Grade: C
He has been doing just fine for a 4th option on the offense.  They haven't drawn up any real big plays for him, and he hasn't made any huge plays himself.  He is doing an average job.

Mark Bradley  Grade: D-
I really can't think of anything too good he has done for us this year.  Botched plays, dropped passed.  Seriously, 2 catches?  Only 26 yards?  Give us something Mark!

Devin Hester  Grade: C+
Sure there are times when he has been electric and he had that huge reception against the Vikings, but mostly he has looked lost.  He has gotten some other big catches, but has also been mainly used as a decoy.  He obviously needs to be on the field and used more, but he has a ton of growing to do as well.

Mike Hass  Grade: Incomplete
He is on the Depth Chart, but as far as I am concerned he might as well not even be alive.  Right now he has some big fat zeros across the board when he comes to the stat line.

All in all our Wide Receivers have been dropping balls and disappointing over all.  Moose has given us some hope and much needed stability, and Hester has shown us that his game breaking ability translates to the offensive side of the ball.  Tomorrow we hit the fun stuff!  RB's and QB's.  Until next time.