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Donovan McNabb One Step Closer to Chicago?

We turn to my blog brother over at Bleeding Green Nation, who I am sure I will be getting to know much better this off season as I am sure both of us will blog the hell out of this McNabb rumor until it dies, much like I did with the Skins blog and the Briggs and Archuleta news last year. After Philly took a beating from Dallas, Eagles coach Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb had a heart to heart. Afterwards as Reid gets grilled by the media we get this:

"Nothing is guaranteed," Reid admitted after being asked if he could declare with 100-percent certainty that, barring injury, McNabb will be his guy the remainder of the season. "(But) that's how I'm looking at it, yes."
As Chicago fans we saw what happened when a coach stops saying "Rex is our guy!". True, there is a difference between going from Grossman to Griese and McNabb and a rookie, but you get where I am going with this. BGN as well didn't see this as a big deal yet, but it obviously was a change otherwise a post would not have happened.

Anybody know of any good houses for sale? We will might be needing one for our new QB next year.