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Thursday Links

It was mused why the Bears/Broncos game was moved to a 3:15 CST start time.  It seems the Bears are still part of the networks plans.  They wanted it to be the back end of a double header, so they moved it.

Despite their 3-5 record, the Bears will be featured in national doubleheader games in consecutive weeks at Soldier Field: Nov. 25 against Denver on CBS and Dec. 2 against the New York Giants on Fox.

When you are bad a team as Oakland the last think you need to do is be stupid, but apparently that is what they are doing.  They plan to kick the ball to Hester.

n a conference call with the media in Oakland, Urlacher was asked about Raiders coach Lane Kiffin's unexpected and rather brazen public admission that he planned Sunday to kick to Devin Hester.

"Serious?" Urlacher asked. "Punts and kickoffs? It will be fun then. I can't wait to watch. The last few games [Hester] hasn't gotten many opportunities but when he does, he takes advantage of them. So I'm excited to hear that, it should give us a little boost there."

Bears players come to Coach Smith's defense after being attached by anonymously sourced article.

"Anyone who takes a shot at my head coach like that, I think that's disrespectful," receiver Muhsin Muhammad said. "To backstab and not even reveal who you are, I think that's low. I think you're really spineless."

Above mentioned article

The way we hear it, well-connected sources around the league couldn't agree more with Smith's self-assessment, as they survey what has become a sorry scene that they believe really took root after Smith received a lucrative new contract shortly after the Bears' Super Bowl loss to the Colts.

Quickly, Smith started asserting his newfound power in ways that many close team observers feel have proven to be detrimental to the team. Not only did he revamp his coaching staff with longtime allies whose performances so far this season have been, in some cases, disturbingly shaky. His voice also grew stronger in personnel matters -- a kiss of death that has backfired in the face of many a head coach in recent years.