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This is it, this is the game that the Bears turn it all around and make their push to the play offs.  At least that is what better happen.  

Regardless of what does happen, Cedric Benson should consider this his last chance.  Oakland is giving up a whopping 152.5 yards per game on the ground.  I don't care how old or banged up our line is, we should be able to get meaningful yardage there.

On the reverse side, Oakland is one of the league's best defenses against the pass allowing only 179 per game.

This works against the Bears in both regards.  The Bears are currently rushing for only 78.9 yards a game, but have been steadily moving up the list passing for 217 a game, while scoring 18 points per game.

Opponents are scoring 22 points per game on the Raiders.

On the reverse, Oakland is not a threat in the air averaging 166.4 yards passing, combined efforts of a revolving door of QBs, but are 4th in the league rushing the ball pulling in 140 yards per game.

On the defensive side, the Bears are allowing 130 yards on the ground and 227 through the air.

Throwing the numbers out the window, the Bears are a better team and should win easily, but then again we are supposed to be a Super Bowl conteder.

At least Oakland's coach is planning on kicking to Hester where the over/under on TDs for him is 2.