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Friday Links

Ok, take this one with a massive grain of salt.  I don't see any other mention to it anywhere, but somebody said they heard on a local Chicago radio station that the Bears will be starting Adrain Peterson.  I don't see anything else anywhere, so if I had to guess he misheard the news.

Reading this piece from John Clayton on Ruben Brown moving to IR, says that the Bears decided to move him there, but didn't have to.  He had been playing with the same injury for weeks now.  It might have been the Bears way of getting younger.

This is the first move to start to get younger along the offensive line. Brown was playing on a one-year contract. He was re-signed because the Bears thought they would be going for another Super Bowl, and they didn't want to disturb a blocking unit that worked well together for the past couple of years. But age has been catching up to the Bears' line this season. The average starter was 31.8 years old. Four starters were in their 30s. They needed to see if Terrence Metcalf could be a starting guard for next season because he's 29 and not getting any younger.

This only makes half sense.  If the Bears needed to see if Metcalf could do the job, then you could pull Ruben Brown out and just say he needs a few weeks to let his shoulder mend, but still have him available if Metcalf can't do the job or gets hurt himself.

Despite early reports Nathan Vashar will not be ready to play versus the Raiders.