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Long Live NeckBeard- Kyle Orton Gets Start

The question many have been asking has finally been answered.  Though not mathematically eliminated from play off contention the Bears are looking toward next year.  With QB hopeful Rex Grossman gone for the year and backup Brian Griese not the long term option the Bears are giving 3rd year man Kyle Orton the start this Monday versus the Minnesota Vikings.

Orton forced into the starting role as a rookie helped lead the Bears to 10 wins.  Since then he has played the role of practice squad leader and helping prep the starting defense.

"Most of the guys on our football team right now have had an opportunity to prove what they could do, except for Kyle," said Smith, who delivered the news to Orton Monday morning at Halas Hall. "So I'm excited about what he could possibly do for us this coming week.

"He's shown us that he's a team player. Everybody has a role to fill at different times of the season. His role has been in a backup role until now. What he's done is gone out each day and run the `look' squad. He's been the opposing quarterback just about every week.

"At the same time, he's stayed into football quite a bit. He's a smart football player. He has a strong arm."

The strides Orton made this past offseason were significant enough that some thought he might replace Griese as backup.  Orton will be thrust into the lights of Monday night against the Vikings and a running back who unless our D mans up is going to thrash us, hopefully not for over 200 yards and 3 TDs.

Unless Orton just sucks outright, I imagine he will run as the starter for the remainder of the season.  The Bears will be in the hunt for a QB of some type this off season.  Whether it is a big name like Donovan McNabb or Derek Anderson or just a veteran could depend on how Orton preforms.