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Grossman Wants Back

Hear that sound?  That might be the realization that his options are gone crashing in on Grossman.  Grossman is now damaged goods. He has a rep of being inconsistent and injury prone and while in other years that might make you a bench player for your career, in today's NFL where so many teams have bad QB situations or are waiting on rookies to develop he might still be tempted by other offers, but as of now he is a Bear until he signs elsewhere.

"I'd like to be back here if I'm wanted back here," said Grossman, who endured heavy criticism last season despite helping the Bears make the Super Bowl. "We'll see what goes on."

Obviously, this statement could be as him just keeping all his options open and/or avoiding one more bad rep going into the off season of being a bad locker room guy.  Personally, I like the guy.  He has been through hell and handled it surprisingly well, so whoever signs him I'd like to see him get his shot again.