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Thrusday Links

This article takes issue with Coach Smith's less than strong backing of now starting QB Kyle Orton and with Orton not shaving.

t boggles the mind why Smith didn't show more faith in Orton publicly. Smith apparently believes a quarterback can still find his receivers downfield with one eye looking over his shoulder.

Less significant was how the Bears allowed the fresh face of their franchise to appear so scruffy and unprofessional at the podium when the occasion was anything but a surprise. If image matters--and it does in today's NFL Network age--then Orton's shear madness left an impression that raised questions about his ability to prepare ... for anything.

Bears have signed defensive tackle Matt Toeaina from the Bengals
practice squad.

The 6-foot-2-inch Toeaina weighed in at 312 pounds Wednesday and then passed his physical. He spent part of the afternoon going over the Bears' scheme with defensive line coach Brick Haley.

"This past weekend, my agent called me and told me the Bears had an interest," Toeaina said. "The Bears definitely have a great history. I'm happy to be here."

Unlike previous when the Bears battled through the injuries are this years Bears taking the easy way out and blaming it on the injuries?

Bears defensive starters have missed 38 games because of injuries this year. Their offensive starters have missed 10. A dozen Bears are on injured reserve.

In contrast, Monday night's opponent, the Minnesota Vikings, have had 14 missed offensive starts and seven missed defensive starts because of injuries. The Green Bay Packers have had 11 missed defensive starts and 12 on offense. The Packers and Vikings are 1-2 in the NFC North, while the Bears are in last place in the division.