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Dave Toub And More Defensive Tackle Signings

This article looks at the possibility that Bears Special Team's Coach might get a head coaching gig from his current spot.

f Toub were to leave for a No. 1 job, he would be the first seed dropped from the Lovie Smith coaching "tree."

"It would have to be somebody thinking outside the box," Toub conceded.

There is precedent, and on the Bears. George Halas turned the franchise around in 1982 when he thought outside the box and hired a special teams coach with no head-coaching experience: Mike Ditka.

The Bears have signed defensive tackle Babatunde Oshinow off of our practice squad to the 53 man roster.

"All the guys on the practice squad will tell you that's what you work for," said Oshinowo, a Chicago area native who grew up in Naperville and attended Neuqua Valley High School.

"The practice squad is temporary. It's not a permanent fix. You can only be there a certain amount of time, so everybody is working to get activated. Normally toward the end of the season is when you see a lot of guys getting picked up off the practice squad.

"I'm very blessed. I'm very excited to have the opportunity."