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Friday Links

Ron Turner says that the playbook will be wide open for Orton.

'We won't think twice about, 'Well, we want to call this, and we can't,''' Turner said. ''Maybe during his rookie year, we did do that, where we wanted to do [something] -- 'Well, let's not put him in that situation.' Right now, if we think it's good and we want to call it, we're going to call it.

''He hasn't played for two years, so obviously he has got to get back into the flow of it and get the rhythm and all that stuff going. I do expect him to play a lot better than what he played just because he's a different player. He's much more mature.''

Unfortunately, we all know that once Turner's playbook is wide open it is only 5 pages long.

Still very little chance that Vashar could be ready for the Vikings game.

"Still between slim and none," the Bears cornerback said of his chances of playing against the Vikings. "I really don't anticipate getting a chance to play this week. But if something miraculous happens Monday night, I'll be excited about it."

At this point, just shut him down for the year.  No need to hurry him back and risk worse injury.

The Bears seem hesitant to give big credit to the guy who single handedly beat them the last time they played.

"He's not like Marshall Faulk, he's not like Shaun Alexander, not like that," Brown said. "He's good, really good, but you can't base stuff on one year. In a couple of years, when I play him again, I'll put him in a category like that, but not now."

Defensive tackle Tommie Harris also refused to put his fellow Oklahoma Sooner on a pedestal.

"Peterson the best that I've faced? No," Harris said. "The best is L.T. (LaDainian Tomlinson).

"Peterson's been here one year. A lot of dudes come in here and do one year. He still has to earn his stripes. That goes for everybody in the league."