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Kyle Orton and Tony Romo Comparisons and Monday Links

Believe it or not Vikings coach Brad Childress compared new Bears starting QB Kyle Orton to Tony Romo.

"I'd equate him to a guy like Tony Romo, who sat in the back of the meeting room forever and was a sponge," Childress said, "only this guy was able to go in for a full year and operate that offense and then sit back for a couple of years.

"I imagine he knows where all the bones are buried, from who's the first read to who's the last read."

Maybe in this sense, yes he has some similarities, but if Orton can play anywhere close to where Romo did this year, I'd be a happy man.

Count Darwin Walker as another defensive linemen who probably won't be suiting up.

Some already expect Bernard Berrian to cash in elsewhere when the season is over.

After New England's Randy Moss, Berrian is the best free-agent receiver available. Also in the mix will be Dallas' Patrick Crayton, Oakland's Jerry Porter, Houston's Andre Davis and New Orleans' Devery Henderson. In other words, there isn't a lot of competition after Moss, and there should be a fair market for a vertical threat such as Berrian.

...though for now, he says he wants to stay in Chicago.

"I'd like to stay here in Chicago," said the California native and Fresno State product. "I like the city, I like what we've got going here, I like the coaches, I like my teammates."

One source says Vashar will play today.

I can't help but think that is a bad idea.  The Bears are all but out of it, don't risk further injury, just shut it down for the year.