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Is It Better That The Bears Just Lose Out?

There is always this question that faces teams as the end of the season comes around and you have been forced out of the playoffs.  Do you try to win your last few games or do you not put full effort and try to up your draft spot.

I am of the side that you as Herm would say "You  play to win the game!".  I don't like a team to give up, it is not the mentality that as a coach I would want.  I do understand if you sit players who have been playing hurt all season and give them an early start on healing or getting some newer guys in to see what you have in them, but I wouldn't sit people just to up my draft spot.

That in mind, what happens if say the Bears win the next two games in let us just say convincing fashion.  Maybe Orton averages 275 yards, 2TDs and 1INT.  Is this bad for the Bears?  Does it create false hope?  Would you then be worried that the Bears  might not address the QB spot if Orton shows signs of being a good QB?

Would it be best for the Bears to lose and for Orton to continue to be bad and Peterson continue to be mediocre, so that the Bears have no choice, but to address the positions in the offseason?