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Devin Hester, Playmaker

SI is running an article on teams focusing on special teams and how the return men are the definition of playmakers.  Of course a story such as this has to start with Devin Hester.

It really isn't anything special, but there is a section about Hester:

"It seems like a lot of teams are starting to pay more attention to their special teams," Hester said. "They are trying to take it the distance."

Hester is clearly the godfather of the modern return game. Last season, he took back three punts for touchdowns and three kickoffs, including one in the Super Bowl. NFL teams, known for their copycat ways, all wanted their own version of Hester. Not only did the Dolphins draft Ginn in the first round, the Ravens took Figurs in the third.

"They said how important the return game is," Figurs said. "It's something they need. You thank all the guys who came before you, like Devin Hester."

Godfather?  All those who came before you?  It is quite strange to hear that about a guy who has been in the league two years and played about 30 games.