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A Tale Of Two Halves, Bears Fall 21-16

The Bears tried really hard to win this thing in the first half, then they tried really hard to lose it in the second.  Unfortunately, they did the latter.

Today had a lot of promise, Grossman came out looking good and for the most part stayed that way.  He did have some overthrows and still has no idea how to step up in the pocket, but again he didn't lose this game.

This game was about crappy offensive line play, missed opportunities and penalties.

In the first half the Bears walked away with three FGs, all three could have been TDs, had it not been for untimely sacks and all too often false starts and a horrible personal foul on Terrance Metcalf.

Grossman finished with 296, 1TD and 0INTs and made some big throws, including one that would have been a sure TD on a long pass that Devin Hester dropped.

Peterson seemed to mimic the results Benson was getting totaling 67 yards on the ground.  I guess the difference is Peterson is a better receiver as Grossman and Peterson hooked up a few times to move the chains.  Peterson led all receivers with 7 catches for 82 yards.

The defense played both fantastic at times bringing the turnover back to Chicago and awful at times allowing Derrick Ward to top 100 yards in the fist half.  He finished with 154 and 1TD.

The Giants consistently kicked the ball out of bound and gave the ball to the Bears on the 40 though not on purpose, but the Bears did little to make them pay for it.

Again, the Bears are not mathematically out of it there is very little left the Bears can do.  If they didn't need a ton of help before now they need pretty much a miracle to make the play offs.