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Thursday Links

Kyle Orton is named starter for this Sunday's game.

Why must people insist on tearing things down.  Rick Morrissey thinks the Bears success last season is because of a bad NFC.  The NFC has been bad for a few years and is still bad this year.  The Bears beat all the teams everybody thought would beat us last year minus the Colts.  Let it be.

Morrisey wrote: "This is a poorly coached, talent-thin organization that made poor decisions leading up to this season. This team is so removed from being in last season's Super Bowl, Halas Hall might as well be in Dubai.

Briggs once again says he wants to stay, but will still test the waters.

"I know I've definitely given my heart to Chicago and I wouldn't trade it for anything," Briggs said. "I've had the best time. I've never been around a city that's so in tune to their team. It's been amazing. It's been a great ride."