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Friday Links

Babich and D looking to find some good things heading into next season.

So, one would figure, Babich should feel some heat for the defense's decline.

"No, I don't," he said. "I mean, I'm very discouraged about some of the things because I'm the leader of the defense and I have a lot of pride. We have not played as well as we would have liked to. I take responsibility for that."

Babich contends the next two games won't be used to evaluate players, with the primary focus on beating the Packers as the Bears try to establish some momentum for next season.

Just ask head coach Lovie Smith.

"Most of the time, you remember how you finish and what you do at the end," Smith said. "We can't wash away all the bad things, but you want to finish on a high note and just make sure the arrow is pointing up as we go into our next season."

Another article on what happened to the Bears.

The biggest reason why the Bears have struggled offensively this season is inconsistent play from the offensive line. The strength of their running game last season came from when they ran to the right side behind Olin Kreutz and Roberto Garza, but they have had little success this season. And the former All-Pro left tackle, John Tait, looks as if he has lost a step or two.

St. Clair will start at left tackle versus the Packers.