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Bears Sweep Packers, Win 35-7

Let us start this by recalling something a Packers fan left us prior to this game:

Are you prepared to eat your coaches words?
Taken From
Jay Mariotti Always Has Lovie Smith's Back
This man had the gumption to take over a bedraggled franchise and immediately declare that the Bears would start beating Green Bay, disregarding the fact his two predecessors had lost 20 of the previous 23 games in a stale series. What's more, in comments that are echoing through Chicago today like carols at Christmas, Smith said of the Packers,

"I've been on the winning side the last five times I've played them, so I think I know how to beat them."

I guess the eating is going to be done by their side today.

The Bears will miss the playoffs, but they got the next best thing.  They swept the Green Bay Packers and in a big way.  The QB spot is still a sore spot as Orton threw for 101 yards, 1TD and 0INT. Adrian Peterson had a good game with 102 yards and 1TD.

As was last year defense and special teams won the game.  Corey Graham ran back a TD on a Charles Tillman blocked punt and Urlacher had a 85 yard INT return for  a TD.

Favre threw for only 158 yards and had no TDS and 2 INTs.  Grant had 100  yards, but 66 of that was on his one TD run.  The Bears kept him in check the rest of the day.