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Angelo Says Changes Are A-Comin!

Bears GM Jerry Angelo brought his self-imposed media silence since since Halloween to an end during a taped pregame broadcast.

In it he states the teams direction for the offseason.

Angelo acknowledged that the bulk of the Bears' offseason work will be done on the offensive side of the ball, with a close look not only at personnel, but the scheme.

Obviously, it is good to see him put this out there.  He has had a very non-vocal attitude when it comes to dealing with the ineptitudes of this team.  The one concern I would have is this:

That's where most of our time is going to be spent -- not all of it, but most of it,'' he said. ''We have to do some thinking in areas of what we're doing on offense. I've talked to Lovie about that. Once we get the season over, obviously [coordinator] Ron [Turner] will be involved in that very heavily as well.

I hope this is preceded by Angelo looking into whether Turner will even be around next year.  He seems to not be able to handle anything more than the basic offense and going from one simple offense to another hardly seems like the answer.