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Thursday Links

The Packers continue to cement themselves as some of the biggest whiners in the NFL.  First, Favre blames the cold for losing to the Bears despite the fact he lives in Green Bay.  Now LB Nick Barnett is filing a grievance against the NFL official who wrestled him off of a pile.  Barnett was not hurt, I can only imagine he is trying to save face.

"We're going to put our complaint in writing through a grievance, even if the league has warned the official," said Chuck Price, who represents Barnett. "This guy puts his arm around Nick's throat...he should get more than a warning. If Nick pushes [Quirk] to the ground just as a response, he'd be suspended and fined a couple of hundred grand."

Looks like Kyle Orton has done enough to put himself into the mix next year.

"You do remember the last things that go on in a football game in a season like this, and the memory I have of [him is] leading our team this past week," Smith said. "Hopefully I'll have another positive memory as we make decisions in the off-season after this game."

Along with Orton, Coach Smith was happy with the production of Jamar Williams.

If Briggs sits, Williams would get another chance to show what he can do at weak-side linebacker. He was impressive against the Packers with six tackles and a pass deflection in only 16 snaps.

"Half of [his snaps] he was involved in the play, which is showing quite a bit of production," Smith said. "[I] thought Jamar did a good job stepping in for Lance."