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Crayton's Signing Boosts Berrian's Leverage

Not entirely Bears news, but it is a slow day, so why not.

Bernard Berrian already looked to be one of the big name WR available this free agency period.  That class just got a bit smaller as Patrick Crayton has agreed to terms with Dallas.

Dallas Cowboys WR Patrick Crayton took a below-market deal to remain with the team, something his agent Frederick Lyles admitted in telling reporters Thursday night: ``He could have easily secured more money on the open market. But his family is here. His wife and child and mother and siblings, they all live in Dallas. He was more concerned about not uprooting his family.''

There has really been no word from anybody on how this is going to play out.  Berrian has said he'd like to stay, but that is hardly a commitment.

Obviously, the fewer receivers with play making skills the better his chances are of somebody overpaying him.