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Oh, how the Saints must hate the Bears.  For the second consecutive year, the Saints season ended at Soldier Field in an almost laughably easy fashion.  The Saints made this one a game at the end, but for the most part the Bears controlled this one.

The Bears offense played like they had an offensive coordinator who is trying to keep his job.  Trick plays, deep balls they tried everything.  Kyle Orton  again won as a starter.  He played a good game with 190 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT. His numbers should have been better.  He twice had long passes negated one due to a questionable no call of a pass interference and the other on a Mark Bradley drop.

Adrian Peterson had his best game averaging 4.3 yards a carry on 21 attempts for 91 yards.  He also had a TD pass.

Olsen, Bradley, Wolfe and Hester all played decent amounts of time.

Hester had 2 TDs.  One on a punt return and another on a 50+ pass from Orton.

The defense came out fired up. They made plays on the crucial points of the game.  The gave up a lot of yards 320 in the air and 105 on the ground, but had the stops and take aways when needed.

With the right moves both of these teams could again be meeting up at the end of the season next year.