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Ron Turner and Bob Babich, Both Safe

Coach Lovie Smith has stated that he does not plan on replacing either coordinator.

Ron Turner will be back to have his play-calling ability questioned again next season. Defensive coordinator Bob Babich -- Smith's hand-picked successor to Ron Rivera, who was run off despite a Super Bowl appearance last season -- also will remain.

This is Babich's first year as the coordinator, so some problems had to be expected.  Throw in a massively depleted defensive line and some questionable free agency moves and you can see where some of this was out of his control, but the poor tackling falls to him.  He must correct that problem.  The Bears D started showing what they are capable of toward the end of the season.

Ron Turner does have some pros on his side.  He was given a constantly rotating QB situation.  He also had receivers early who dropped way too many passes.  Devin Hester despite everybody's instance on him being more involved showed he wasn't ready to handle the playbook or the ball.  He also had a line that was leaky at best, downright awful at worst and suspect running backs, but overall Turner showed a complete lack of imagination and an unwillingness to try anything new.

A lot of the Bears problems can be pointed to GM Jerry Angelo.  He is making the the decisions here.  It is his job to make the tough calls.  If he cannot straighten out the line, QB and RB situations next season we are going to have to start questioning his job.