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Monday LInks

With his 64 yard punt return versus the New Orleans Saints Devin Hester has broken his own return TDs in a season record of 5.

Unless the Bears do go after Donovan McNabb or Derek Anderson, you would think Kyle Orton would at least be given a shot to win the starting job.  

An early look at the off season and the changes the Bears may face.

The Bears would love to have a healthy Mike Brown back at strong safety, but he's missed 43 of 64 games the last four seasons. He won't be invited back for yet another comeback unless it's at a lesser salary or with a reworked, incentive-laden contract based on playing time. The Bears simply won't risk the $2.44 million Brown is due next season that he'll remain healthy for an entire season.

Darwin Walker has no chance of getting a $5.2 million roster bonus in March, especially since the Bears found out they could get more production and better effort from Matt Toeaina, a player they picked off the Bengals' practice squad and threw into the lineup six days later.