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Wednesday Links

On opinion piece on the merits of starting some other players to see if they warrant a spot on the roster or in Orton's case to enhance his trade value.

An opportunity exists to take a look at certain players now to see if they warrant a spot atop the depth chart for next year's rebuilding effort. It's not a long list: quarterback Kyle Orton, linebacker Jamar Williams, running back Garrett Wolfe and wide receiver Mark Bradley.

Briggs people deny any deal being in place.

Agent Drew Rosenhaus, who represents Lance Briggs, chuckled Monday night when told of a report that the linebacker had agreed to a long-term deal with the Bears.

"I'll just say that's not true," Rosenhaus said while traveling to Dallas from Sean Taylor's funeral in Miami. "I can tell you that report is not accurate."

Manning taking the lose in playing time in stride.

"For me personally, it doesn't really matter," Manning said of his situation. "What matters is us winning games. I just have to go out there and work and whatever happens, happens.

"The most important thing is winning and losing right now. Personal stuff can wait. That's stuff you can talk about in the off-season."

Grossman wants Mark Bradley on the field, Kruetz agrees.

"I just found out about it today," Bradley said Monday. "I think that's a person that's trying to get somebody on the field that he thinks could be an asset.

"Rex is trying to get his weapons on the field. We were trying to put ourselves in position to get in the win column. I feel good I'm being considered."