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Bears Fall 24-16, Season Over?

I don't get this team.  Do I call them scrappy or does every team they face play down to the Bears level?  Because as bad as this team plays, they always seem to be in it at the end of the game.  The few spurts of offense this team puts together is enough to keep them competitive, but once again they lose because they cannot get into the endzone from inside the 20 and they cannot keep the other team out of the endzone when they need to.

In a odd game that saw at least 5 guys leave the field with an injury including both teams starting QBs, the Bears put themselves in position to tie up or get close twice, but both times had to settle for a FG and were unable to recover their onside kick.

Griese's numbers looked okay with 295 yards and 1 TD, but he didn't play particularly well.  He had two INTs that may or may not directly be Hester's fault.

The Bears did show signs of what a dynamic offense it can be with Berrian, Hester, Olsen and Wolfe on the field, but with no power the Bears could not break in.

The offense line completely screwed the pooch this game. Each linemen save Kruetz had at least one false start.  I know these guys are old and might be gased, but old also means experienced and they should be able to avoid these penalties.

The Bears defense occasionally played well, but cracked all over the place other times.

Some other random notes.

Laron Landry is a punk.  Plain and simple, he is a punk.

I don't know what the Bears see in Anderson that keeps him starter over Brown, but whenever Brown is on the field things seem to happen.

The Bears will be lucky to field an entire defensive line next week.  Unless some guys come back from injury they are going to need to sign a few guys just to rotate in.