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Thursday Links

A little fantasy football  humor to start your day.

Ogunleye's prescription to turning this around?  The Bears need to get ugly.

According to Adewale Ogunleye, the Bears defense can improve the way it stops the run simply by getting to the ball more often in a bad mood.

"The effort has been good and we run to the ball. It's just when we get there, we have to get there a little more angry," Ogunleye said Tuesday.

Look out, but if you haven't been paying attention Rex Grossman has been trying to become a real QB.  Besides his increasingly better play he is becoming a leader and vocal about what he wants to see in the offense.  Along with asking for Bradley on the field, he wants the Bears to run the no huddle more often and soon.

If Rex Grossman has any say in the matter -- and he does -- the 5-7 Bears could utilize more no-huddle offense in the future, maybe as soon as Thursday night's 7:15 game against the 5-7 Redskins at FedEx Field.

"I like it a lot, just for the fact that you're able to get to the line and see what the defense is going to do," Grossman said. "They pretty much have to show you what they're doing, and then you can even call the play off of that. It's nice in that respect. They can't disguise as much. They can't run around.

Though some disagree...

Deion Sanders again calls for Hester to be more involved and Ron Turner continues to be slow and stubborn.

'You haven't seen Devin as a receiver,'' Sanders complained. ''Every time I've seen him, he's five yards behind somebody. I just can't understand why we don't see him more. I don't understand why you don't put him in the shotgun in third-and-one. I don't understand the creativity. You've got all week, you've got all year. I don't understand how he has been utilized. I think it baffles the whole stadium, the crowd, the writers, everyone.

''Please. Use him like what [Michael] Vick and Vince Young have done. All he has to do is get in shotgun and read the darn end. Second-and-one or short distances, it isn't like there is a running game here. You could create some matchups that are just tremendous.''

After rolling his eyes, Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner revealed that's in the works for Hester, who has only 15 offensive touches.

''That's something that we have talked about and played around with a little bit that we'll get to,'' Turner said. ''In time, we're going to do some of that stuff.''