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Paging Derek Anderson?

With one hit, could the Washington Redskins have ended the relationship between Rex Grossman and the Chicago Bears?

If Rex Grossman is not ready to play next week or perhaps for the remainder of the year, can the Bears really give him a contract and roll into next year with him as their starter?  

Do they really want to go another season with the revolving door at QB?  Wouldn't it be better for the coaches, players, fans and anybody else aboard to just solidify the QB spot?

The leading rumor getter for going after the services of Derek Anderson has been the Minnesota Vikings, but their young QB Tavaris Jackson has been playing well recently and might be doing enough to take them out of the running.  

Wouldn't we all feel much better if in the offseason the Bears make a serious run at Anderson and then shell out some money to fix this line.  If they did that alone prior to the draft, wouldn't it just be better for everybody?