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Hester Scares the Colts

Every so called expert has labeled rookie return man Devin Hester the X factor like they are saying some thing totally unique and out of this world despite the fact that he has been the X factor in every game that he has played.

The thought of Hester running against a week Colts special team coverage is enough to make you go into stroke, but Indy is not going down without a fight.

Word is the Dungy will play a number of his defensive starters on special teams in an effort to slow down Hester.

This could be both good and bad for both teams.  If you are not used to playing special teams, it does not mean you will be better just because you are the starter.  

The unexpected benefit here could be that he will be wearing out a lot of his starters and the last thing they need is Berrian running against a tired secondary.