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2nd Annual WCG Mock Draft

This site has come a long way since I attempted a mock draft last year and it ended up being about 5 guys who handled most of the picks.  

We have about 4 times the readers and we should be able to do this without too many people picking twice.  I don't plan to actually start the ball rolling on this until mid-March, but I would like to start working on locking in some names.  

I have considered going outside and bringing in some names from other sites that I have had contact with, but my hope is to do this all within using only WCG people.

So, I am listing the draft order below.  This is first come first serve.  Please keep the team you want to draft for all in the comments section, so I don't have to worry about time stamp differences between here and my email.

What is required is the typical draft stuff, when it is your turn you draft for your team, give me the name, position and college and a reason why.  The reason can be a few lines or a few paragraphs, that is up to you.

Of course the big prize is the Bears are open this year.  Last year I took that pick, but since the SB blogs will be doing their own, I will opt out of this one.

1    Oakland Raiders (bears fan louie)
2    Detroit Lions (South Side Irish)
3    Cleveland Browns* (elagoalie11 )
4    Tampa Bay Buccaneers* (NoisewaterMD)
5    Arizona Cardinals (Hurricane Dikta)   
6    Washington Redskins
7    Minnesota Vikings
8    Houston Texans (Scruffy Lefty)
9    Miami Dolphins
10    Atlanta Falcons (Coach Owens)
11    San Francisco 49ers (RME JICO)    
12    Buffalo Bills
13    St. Louis Rams
14    Carolina Panthers    
15    Pittsburgh Steelers    
16    Green Bay Packers    
17    Jacksonville Jaguars    
18    Cincinnati Bengals    
19    Tennessee Titans    
20    New York Giants    
21    Denver Broncos    
22    Dallas Cowboys    
23    Kansas City Chiefs (tyger1147 )   
24    New England Patriots (from Seattle)    
25    New York Jets (DTK)   
26    Philadelphia Eagles (SouthernSlam)   
27    New Orleans Saints (James @ Sweet Home Sports)   
28    New England Patriots    
29    Baltimore Ravens (jrm78 )   
30    San Diego Chargers    
31    Chicago Bears (Chad)   
32    Indianapolis Colts (BBS)   

*- To be determine by a coin flip