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Draft Preview- Greg Olsen

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It is no secret, one of the positions that most draft experts will be calling for the Bears to pick this year will once again be the tight end spot.  Unlike last year where it was because we didn't have one, this year with the reemergence of Desmond Clark it is for depth, blocking and another receiving threat.

The University of Miami's Greg Olsen is the top rated TE in the draft, slightly ahead of Arizona State's Zach Miller.  The 6'5" 252 pound junior is currently #30 on Scout Inc.'s Top 32 list.

The scouting report on Olsen is that he runs great routes, has better than average hands, has the ability to get open and is an effective blocker. The one thing that might allow Miami to have a first round draft pick for the 13th straight year is Olsen's versatility.  

Olsen's college numbers are a bit skewed as he consistently faced double teams, which is a testament to how opposing teams plan for him and a testament for a lack of receivers at Miami.  He won't have to face those odds in the pros.  If he does end up with the Bears, they have the receivers to keep him to being covered by linebackers and nickel corners.  Olsen is widely praised for his working ethic.

Olsen is a bit small, though, most believe he has the frame to bulk up.  He does not have game breaking speed, but plays faster then he will be clocked.  There are also concerns about his durability due to being red shirted his first year with Miami because of injury.

Greg Olsen, TE, Miami
Year Receptions Yards AVG. TDs
2004 16 275 17.2 1
2005 31 451 14.5 4
2006 40 489 12.2 1

Mock Drafts That Project Olsen To The Bears

Huddle Geeks
Mock Draft City

Desmond Clark has arguably been Chicago's most dependable receiver this season. Not only did he finish the regular season tied for the team lead in touchdown catches (six), he contributed 45 receptions and 626 yards. However, the depth behind the eight-year veteran is thin. Olsen would provide the team a pair of secure hands in the middle, and has the athleticism to challenge defenses down the seam.

The Football Expert

Draft Ace
Watching the Bears offense was like riding a roller coaster in 2006. They have some talent, but it just didn't always come together smoothly. Olsen is a solid all around tight end that can open things up for them in the passing game and give a good effort as a blocker as well.