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Familiar Name A Bears Target?

Going into the off season there are a lot of questions we just don't know what the Bears are going to do yet.  One thing we are certain of is the Bears need some depth in the secondary.  One of the names being tossed around is a name we tried to get last year, Adam Archuleta.  

Archuleta while not worth the money he was paid was misused, benched and likely to be cut by the Redskins.  Archuleta, a Coach Smith favorite from his days with the Rams, might be willing to come to Chicago for a much more reasonable price.

From what I have seen Archuleta is just an average safety and one I don't mind having for depth only.  I am not interested at all in seeing him in the starting lineup.  Archuleta is a very athletic safety who is capable of laying the big hit, so having the type of player is always an asset, but he has coverage breakdowns as much as the guys we have in there now, so take that for what it is worth.

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