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Draft Preview- Zach Miller

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While Miami's Greg Olsen is considered the best TE in the draft, Arizona State's Zach Miller is a close second and could also find his way into the first round, potentially with the Bears #31 pick. Some even consider him a better pick then Olsen.

While the 6'5" 259 pound junior is currently #32 on Scout Inc.'s Top 32 list, there are many who believe he is the only first round quality TE in the draft.

The scouting report on Miller is while not as big a receiving threat as Olsen is, he still has soft hands and is very good across the middle.

He is considered a more traditional TE than a lot of players who have come out recently. Miller is considered a very good blocker and has a very good football IQ. Miller is a tough kid who will catch anything thrown is way and will be a big threat once inside the 20.

The knock on Miller is that he doesn't always play as tall as he is and drops his shoulders while running routes. He also relies more on technique than power while blocking. Both should be able to be fixed once in some team's camp.

Mock Drafts That Project Miller To The Bears

Fantasy Football Jungle
The Bears have spent almost 5 years building a defense from the ground up via the draft. Wow how impresive it is. However, this year they take an offensive approach. They will draft Zach Miller. One because a TE is always a safety net for a QB. Two he has great hands and is a big target for Grossman. Three Grossman is much better QB when he looks at the intermediate routes. He can really be a redzone threat. He has great potential.

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