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Hester Hobknobing With The Stars

Be sure to get your spot in the 2nd Annual WCG Mock Draft

While this is not really sports related, it really is the only thing out there.  I will work on another draft preview for tomorrow.

If you aren't familiar with it, there is a new movie coming out called The Number 23.  The thriller stars Jim Carrey.  The basic premise is how the number 23 links everything in the world together.  If you take your age, plus this minus that it will come out to 23, that type of stuff.  It just so happens that Carrey is a fan of Hester and was heard raving about him before the Super Bowl and wouldn't you know it, Hester's number is 23.  

While it reeks of a movie stunt, whatever.  Hester gets another perk out of the deal.