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Draft Preview- Ben Grubbs

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Ben Grubbs is one of three linemen, I know for sure that I will be doing a preview for.  The Bears are a Super Bowl team, so they can realistically subscribe to any philosophy of drafting, be it best athlete, need or depth buidling the later being a more likely scenario.  Our offensive line is the oldest position on the team and with Ruben Brown potentially hitting the market the Bears need to start looking for replacements.

Grubbs is listed as #27 on Scouts Inc. Top 32 board and ranks on most experts boards as the second best offensive guard in the draft.  The 6' 2", 318 pound senior played for Auburn.

Grubbs has excellent quickness and is an above average athlete.  Good work ethic, hard worker and learns fast are mentioned on more than one board.

Grubbs only started playing the position in 2004, so he still is learning to play at that spot.  He does not finish off his blocks and currently is prone to buying pushed back on the block.

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In a surprise move the Bears devoted almost all of their draft picks last year to the defensive side of the ball despite obvious deficiencies on offense. All in all it's hard to argue with the results but don't expect to see them use that same strategy this time around as they will more than likely use the majority of their '07 selections on offense. Even though their offensive line was solid again in 2006 they have some guys like Reuben Brown and Fred Miller who are getting up their in years and it is time to bring in their eventual replacements, especially in the case of Brown who is set to become a free agent and may even retire. Ben Grubbs is a fantastic athlete who actually played defensive tackle and tight end early in his college career before eventually moving to guard in 2004. Even though this isn't a sexy pick it would address a need and there are more than a few scouts who were enamored enough with Grubbs' potential to stamp a first round grade on him after his play in 2006 and at the Senior Bowl, which is rare for a true guard.