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Bears Pass, Rivera Accepts Demotion

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I have to say what has transpired is a bit of a curiosity.  After the Bears learned that DC Ron Rivera would not be the head coach of the San Diego Chargers, the Bears and Rivera sat down and it was decided the Bears would not renew his contract.

Now, I can think of a number of reasons why this move makes sense.

  1. Stability.  Rivera year in and year out now, is going to be a candadate for every head coaching job that opens up.  It is only a matter of time before he gets one.  Perhaps, the reasoning is just to avoid having the distraction each off season.
  2. Money.  Rivera would command a hefty chunch of money.  After the Bears allegedly threw Coach Lovie Smith a low ball on his contract, perhaps the Bears are prepared to step up and give him his 4-4.5 per year.  This frees up funds.
  3.  Stock.  Keep the shelves full.  We don't want to end up where the Chargers are this year, that being an abundance of coaches leaving.  Line backers coach, Bob Babich has starting getting some feelers for a DC job elsewhere.  We knew Rivera was gone sometime, if Babich left before Rivera and then he left, we have a big spot open.  We should be able to keep Babich for a decent amount of time.
  4. Fairness.  It is a one step back, two steps forward deal for Rivera.  He is getting no credit for his part in the success of the Bears success and in the end it was hurting his chances.  In San Diego as the linebackers, coach he gets experience with the 3-4, which every team that wanted to talk to him runs.  I would consider it a surprise if he wasn't first on everybody's list at the end of next year.
I like Rivera, I like what he brings, I like his attitude and I like that he is an ex-Bear, but this is probably best for everybody.  As I mentioned linebackers coach Bob Babich will assume the role.

In other coaching news.  The nephew of legendary Bear Dick Butkus, Luke Butkus has been hired by the Bears as the assitant offensive line coach.