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WCG Off Season

While we all wait for the hopefully to be announced signings of Lovie Smith, Ron Rivera and Jerry Angelo and we wait for any news of anything to happen, I am going to outline some things I hope to accomplish this off season.

Free Agency
I don't expect the Bears to be big players, but they might look at a few people.  We could work on contract extensions for a few players.  The big FA news for us will be what we are doing with our RB and QB situations.  

All of you WCG old timers, know I love the draft, mock drafts and any type of rumor or gossip that relates, so expect a lot of that.  I hope to pull off our second mock draft using the readers, we are still short on drafters, so if you are interested, join in.  I also hope to take on many more draft previews for potential Bears draft picks.

The Angelo Effect
We have talked about it in bits and pieces often, but I thought it would be interesting to go through year by year and look at what Angelo has done with this team through the draft and free agency.

WCG Reader Favorites
I don't know if I will be able to start this one, but I am hoping to.  This will be kind of a like a WCG All-Time team.  The theory is we would go through the positions and talk about and nominate the best the Bears had to offer at each position and then you would vote on your favorite or who you think is the best and we would proclaim them the WCG Favorite at whatever position.  This idea was just recently thought up, so I still don't have the whole thing planned out yet.

Fan Participation
As much as possible I would like to have you involved.  I am curious to what you think the Bears should/will do this Free Agency and Draft.  If you are interested in doing a write up, I am interested in reading it.  Don't feel the need to limit yourself to FA/Draft, if you have any ideas for things you would like to contribute send them my way.