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Draft Preview- Arron Sears

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Continuing the trend that is projecting the Bears to pickup an offensive linemen, today we look at Arron Sears, a 6'4" 320 pound tackle out of Tennessee.

Arron Sears seems to be a hard one to rank.  I have seen him listed at the 2nd best offensive tackle available, but also some had him ranked as low as 5th.

The story on Sears is he is a versatile tackle, who can also play guard.  He is very technically sound.  He is not overly fast, but is quick and understands the position.  He isn't likely to get fooled by defensive linemen.  His biggest praise comes from his performance versus top-notch opponents this last year.

All of the knocks against him seem to be opinion ones, which probably explains his shifting rankings.  The problems that get listed are that he has hasn't spent time at any one position to really understand it, he might have weight and stamina issues and could have a problem with durability.

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