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Bears Ready To Go Scouting

As the same with every team, GM Jerry Angelo is ready to lead a team of coaches and scouts to Indianapolis for the Scouting Combine.  

Most of the research has already been done, now it is time to meet the players and clear up any issues that they might have with a player.

Every team must submit a list 60 players with which they want to interview.

Here are a few from combines past.

One prospect lied about taking a recruiting trip to the University of Illinois, not realizing that the school's head coach at the time, Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner, was sitting in the same room.

In 2004, one player introduced himself to everyone in the Bears interview room. When he reached Chicago's first-year head coach, he said, `Lovie Smith; where have I heard that name before?' When Smith humbly responded that he was from Texas, the player remarked, `I knew that sounded familiar. I'm from Texas too!'"

But noting is as strange as what transpired last year.

"There was a player who looked like he was having a seizure when we were interviewing him," Angelo said. "Literally he just leaned over and stayed in that frozen position.

"We were all just looking at each other. I was ready to get out of my chair to assist him and he leans back up. We asked him if he was OK and he said, `Yeah, I thought I had a scorpion in my shoe.' A scorpion in Indianapolis?