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Bears Have Problems

If this article is the most current, then the Bears might be without their head coach at the end of next year.

From the sound of it I can only assume that Bears are going to hard line the fact that they don't spend money.  Is Angelo so ego driven that he thinks this is all his doing and he can bring in any coach he wants and have success?  

Coaches get hired every year with promises to turn the team around in their "three year plan".  Rarely does it ever happen, but it did here.  Smith's first year, the Bears had 5 wins, in his third they were playing for the Super Bowl.  

The going rate for a coach who has had a team in the Super Bowl is 5 million per year.  Smith's agent says they are far apart from a deal, so it is reasonable to say that the Bears are offering around 3-3.5?  If they had ponied up an offer of around 4.5 we would still be at the table.

I have to wonder what is going on in the Bears front office.