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Bears Making Fans Cry

Guys and gals, the wheels are coming off this bus at a staggering rate.  I have had so many stories open today that just made me want to crawl into a tiny ball and roll down a hill over a cliff to my demise.

Let's briefly go over what is happening this off season.  We tagged Briggs, but with Mr. Drew Next question as his agent we are facing what likely will turn out to be ugly negotiations.  Now Briggs has mentioned semi-privately that he wants a trade.  

One of our other offensive MVPs, Thomas Jones, has a ton of leverage right now.  The Bears need him and currently Cedric Benson can't stay healthy long enough to be trusted.

Charles Tillman and Nathan Vashar are both in the final year of their contracts and both want extensions.

What else, is there....OH YEAH!...Bears management is systematically destroying this team.  They allowed the very man they were planning to low ball to run out of town the most obvious replacement, Ron Rivera.  If Coach Smith leaves, what are the Bears plans?  Who exactly is going to come in at such a low price?  Ron Turner?

I as well as most of you, based on his record for making shrewd business moves and consistently finding gems in the draft, have given GM Jerry Angelo as much credit as we can without resorting blatant man crushes, but this one is really testing our loyalty.  Smith is the man.  Give him what he wants.  Give him 8 million a year, give him your first born, give him a back rub, give him a Whopper with Cheese No Onions(that is what I would ask for).  Whatever it is give it to him.

This window isn't going to stay open forever, we need to take advantage of it while it is here.