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Bears Reloading Coaching Staff

On the bright side, I think it would be odd that the Bears move forward hiring coaching staff if they didn't expect to sign Coach Smith.

While it is not being reports much yet, the Bears have agreed to terms with ex-Tampa Bay LB, Hardy Nickerson to be their new linebackers coach.  Nickerson is one more Lovie guy from the old days, so that is a good sign.

They also will be hiring Brick Haley to be their new defensive line coach.

I think the Nickerson deal is great.  He is at least familiar with Babich, so they should hit the ground running from a chemistry stand point.

I don't yet know much about Haley other than he is coming to us by way of Mississippi State, but Brick is an outstanding name for a line coach, so I'm cool with that.

Here is our very own cookding's take on it from a diary a day or so ago.

I was thinking Hardy Nickerson would be a good coaching hire for some team. And what do I see when reading about Lovie Smith's press conference? We went out and got Hardy Nickerson. Nice. When it became clear that ND was dropping their DC, I thought Nickerson would have been a good candidate there. Of course, he wasn't but it seems like he's found a better fit. For those of you that don't know, Nickerson played LB for Tampa for many years and then I think he wound up in Green Bay as his career wound to a close. This guy was a machine that ate, drank and slept linebacking. I expect good things from our LB's next year.