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Jones Gone? Hester To Get Looks On Offense?

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While a lot of questions remain about our coaching staff, we still have a ton of questions with our players.  

This story all came from a 45 minute interview at the Combine.  Here is the outline of what it has to say.

  1. Thomas Jones has asked to be traded and the Bears will do their best to accommodate him.
  2. The Bears have no plans on trading Lance Briggs.
  3. The Bears will not be bringing in a quarterback in to challenge Rex Grossman for the starting QB job.
  4. The Bears are hoping to resign Ruben Brown.
  5. The Bears are not expecting to get Ian Scott and Alfonso Boone once they hit the market.
  6. The Bears will look at ways of getting Pro Bowl return man Devin Hester more regular looks on offense.
  7. The Bears will be discussing their options concerning Mike Brown and his durability.