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Draft Preview- Justin Blaylock

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You would think the 'experts' are telling us something, wouldn't you? There are not many out there that don't have us taking either a TE or someone on the OLine. We next take a look at Justin Blaylock.

Blaylock, a 4 year starter at Texas, is a monster sizing in at 6'4" and 329 pounds.

He is capable of physically overpowering opposing defensive linemen. He is quick and a hard worker. Has been given that label of having a nasty streak or playing with a killer instinct that always seems to follow the great linemen. He is also a top notch run blocker and is an average pass blocker.

Played a lot of tackle in college, but projects better at guard in the Pros.

Is thought to be still relying only on natural talent and not so much technique or proper leverage. He also needs to improve his footwork.

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