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The Bears Closer To Signing Smith

Let me say, this all of us as well as all of the media even my esteemed SB Nation blogger-in-arms, Stampede Blue has taken shots at Chicago brass for short changing Coach Lovie Smith.  While I do believe the Bears are because history seems to repeat itself, but may I for one moment throw out something that nobody seems to be mentioning?  What is Smith asking?  Let's say the Bears for example did only offer 3.5 per year, but now let's say Smith and his agent asked for 7.5-8 now they are way apart and it isn't all the Bears being cheap skates.

That said I don't care, I want my coach.  Something I didn't expect to find in the article that I linked to in the previous post was this note on the Bears and Smith contract talks.

Lovie Smith, Bears coach. Smith came out of the combine still the lowest-paid head coach in the NFL, but he had to be heartened by the support he received from peers. More important was the progress suggested in the report of the narrowing gap between his contract demands and the Bears' offer, which was estimated as wide as $2 million last week and now is believed to be no more than $1 million.

At least it is progress.