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Bears Fall Short of Super Bowl Championship

I am sure after the grieving and the tears and the hangover and the spree of beating up the surge of Colts fans that will all of a sudden show up where they never were before, I will sit back and say this was still a wonderful season.  It was exciting, it was fun and it took us to the big game, but I'm not ready for that yet.

Right now I am fuming mad.  How with 2 weeks to prepare can a Super Bowl offense play that way?

When Grossman was playing well, the line gave out, when the line played well Grossman just winged the ball out into the open, when Grossman, the receivers and the run game started to click the line started holding.

We took everything Manning had in the first half, we took all 200 yards that he had and stayed within two.  Then we come out and just crap on the Super Bowl emblem.  

I know our defense didn't always play well, but it is hard to blame them when they got all of a minutes worth of rest before they had to go back on to the field.

What is really bothering me is that with this team we can make it back to the Super Bowl next and the year after, but with the way Grossman played what do we do from here with that position.  Do we just make it an open competition between Griese and him?  Can Greise do any better for us?  Do we go out and try to get one of the QBs that are sure to be available?  Do we make a move and go get Quinn or Russell or stay where we are and go with Staunton?

I am really in a state of confusion on how things went and how they will go.  We have 3 coaches that need to be resigned.  We have 8-10 guys who either need to be resigned or want an extension.  Do we go another year with Benson as backup, who knows where that goes?

I think you understand my mind set right now and I am sure I will have more later and I am sure I will send BBS a congrats email later, but for now my answer to everything is just go suck on it.

Before I go out let me say that giving Manning the MVP is a joke, it is just so everybody can live up their Disney story.  If I were Manning I would hand that trophy right to my running backs.

Till then....